Protective Coating

Protective Coating For Highways

Highways tend to provide faster alternatives than old-time federal routes in connecting many major cities with towns in the country. A close statistic to 28 million registered vehicles, it is said that in the year 2018 alone automotives would have an increase of 2.3% since the zero-rating of the Goods and Sales Tax was announced. With that, Malaysia’s highway structure has changed drastically over the decades due to the overwhelming increase in vehicles as many citizens travel back and forth from hometowns into the city. As each highway structure is built, clear indications and road linings that are durable is crucial as it is exposed to heavy traffic, weather conditions, leaking of hydraulic acid or engine oil from cars etc., is crucial to reduce cost of regular maintenance.

In consideration of the need to have clear signs of indication and guidance for passing vehicles to navigate throughout their journeys, Durapol 500’s superior abilities in resisting chemical, abrasion and harsh UV rays (that could potentially lead to yellowing and/or discoloration especially in areas that are constantly subjected to direct sun exposure) renders it to be the most ideal coating to be applied over roads and highways.

Its pigmented polyester urethane coating with its impeccable gloss and color retention makes it suitable to withstand heavy vehicle traffic as well guarding against extreme weather conditions. CEMKRETE’s extensive range of pavement sealing includes application for safe pedestrian walkways, clear definition of hazardous areas and the delineation of purposive sections such as longitudinal, intersection, parking bay markings etc., and also the installation of warning word markings. In addition to line markings being done on highways, we have also undertaken work for a huge variety of clients and differing situations, including warehouses, factories, car parks and public roads.

Cemkrete’s expertise does not only extend to provide solutions for the infrastructure sector alone but also offers a comprehensive range of high performance, high quality flooring, jointing and repair products for both new and existing floor with various surface conditions. Get in touch for more details on Cemkrete’s product offerings as well as technical support and assistance.