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Polymer Flooring For Hotels

The hotel industry only gets more competitive each day and even more so after Airbnb graced its presence in 2008. Depending on the amount travelers are willing to pay for hotel accommodation you can be sure that it comes with a set of expectations. If you’re in the hotel line and hope to gain traction, even the smallest detail could make or break on why travelers decide to go/or not go with your establishment.

That detail could be the design aspect of the hotel (especially if you’re targeting digital natives who’ve grown up with the likes of Instagram and every other social media outlet there is). One of the design aspects when developing a new or refurbishing an existing hotel is the floor planning. Looking at the main priorities being design, functionality and budget. Each part of a hotel will require different flooring properties, so make sure you consult and seek the expertise of experienced flooring specialist. Here’s a brief summary on what to expect when it comes to flooring a hotel.

Lobby & Reception Area

Hotel lobbies act as a meeting and welcoming hub for visitors. The grander and more decorative a hotel lobby, the higher the likelihood a good impression will be made, leaving guests coming back for more. Install decorative flooring such as Terrazzo flooring, drawing attention to a space which is inviting, clean, has the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic or luggage carts and is easily maintained. To spruce up the walkways, opt for Metallic to bring contrast with the wide array of colors you’re able to mix. The sheen that comes after polishing/gloss topping helps bounce light off windows during the day and chandelier lighting during the night. Which brings us to the next point.

Carpeting vs Polymer Flooring

For centuries, carpeting has been one of the most traditionally used flooring option due to it’s soft material, ability to muffle sounds, safety & comfort features. However, some might say it isn’t worth the high level of maintenance that comes with it. Proper carpet cleaning and vacuuming is not only time consuming but may cost you dearly especially if you can’t predict the occasional food spills which leads to wine/coffee/grease stains and lingering of odors. Not to mention it’s the perfect breeding ground for dust mites if not cleaned regularly. Additionally, it’s only during the hotels’ hard refurbishing phase that one would consider changing the carpets for new ones. By then, years of dust and grimes build up would have dampen the aesthetic appearance of the area. Whereas with polymer flooring, not only do you have the flexibility to create a beautiful canvas (based on your imagination) but also gives u the option of added functional features such as chemical resistant. Not to mention, polymer flooring is relatively easier to maintain and clean. Retaining its sheen that can significantly increase the brightness of interior areas for years to come without worry of it appearing dull any time soon.

Leisure & Recreation

For gyms where intensive physical training takes place, factors such as heavy sports equipment/the occasional mishandling of dumbbells and other equipment/moisture from sweat should be considered; It is important to look for flooring with flexibility and endurance, providing a resilient and uniform surface for leisure facilities. Indoor or outdoor pool decks are prone to higher risk of painful slips being exposed to water all the time; Minimize the risk by incorporating slip resistant aggregates into your floor plan. Tennis courts can be challenging if the material used is susceptible to the formation of algae or mildew, making grounds visually unappealing and slippery; Opt for a flexible sports system featuring a unique tenacity abrasion resistance and the ability to resist UV which is critical for it not to be brittle and crack under extreme heat overtime.


Areas handling food need to be clean in order to minimize the risk of contamination, uncontrolled bacterial growth and food poisoning incidents as it can be costly in terms of reputation & compensation for the victims. To achieve this, the floor needs to be seamless with antibacterial properties, complying to HACCP standards. For kitchen and cold room environments, make sure flooring can withstand thermal shock, chemicals, grease and is durable enough having heavy wheeled equipment come in and out from loading bays.

Car Park

Don’t underestimate the power of impression especially in the most unlikely places like carparks. More designers are putting in the extra effort of enhancing the visual appearance of car parks. Creating bright and appealing car park interiors as well as incorporating easy-to-see markings of navigational signage, pedestrian walkways and safety warnings. Other challenges to consider is the exposure of automotive oils, heavy vehicles, water ingress and exposure to UV on the exposed decks. Therefore adequate surface protection must be considered as a sustainable solution.

There certainly is no one size fits all kind of flooring and that goes for other areas such as laundry room/guest rooms/conference rooms, etc. It is important to thoroughly consult and analyse the placement and requirements needed for each area. Each of them come with specific challenges which could cause floor failure sooner than anticipated if not planned and executed properly.