Mid-Century Modern Terrazzo Increase in Demand

With the increase in demands and inquiries from commercial industries, along with the given advantages of being unbelievably easy to clean and to care for. and with a fast turnaround application to avoid any long down time, Terrazzo is making it’s comeback as a global flooring design trend, sparking the interest of not only designers but every passerby walking through the seamless dazzling display of floors studded with either multi-colored stones, pearls, quartz, glass or marble etc.

The flexibility in the choosing of material aggregate and its endless potential for various colors and patterns makes it the perfect flooring for any commercial setting. According to Pinterest, a visual discovery social site revealing that one of the most popular “pins” this year is terrazzo, up to 316 percent this year, making it a massive trend for 2018/2019 whether in commercial areas, hospitals, airports or train stations for artisan, decorative surfaces.

Explore the endless possibilities with abstract patterns along with the myriad colors to choose when using Duraflor PT, creating a seamless masterpiece of your imagination.