Industrial Flooring

Don’t Flake Out Before You’ve Tried It

Decorative systems have been getting lots of attention lately as they offer great ways to create beautiful, durable floors for a variety of applications. Though the flake system has been around in the industry for some time now, it is evident that flake flooring is making its comeback. Cemkrete’s Colorflake ML system has been revolutionary designed to waterproof when coupled with the right sealer coats, whilst also producing an aesthetically pleasing finish without breaking the bank. Want to know the best part? With a proper system, you can apply the flake system directly onto your tiles. NO hacking whatsoever. Here are some of the benefits:

Keep Calm & Be Safe


For starters, adding flakes to your floor provides a texture to increase traction and slip resistance. According to the Asian Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics (January 2013), over 205 Malaysian elderly were reported to have high fall injuries happened in areas such as the kitchen, restroom/toilet and living room. It can’t be stressed enough that safety should come first. Fall prevention measures shouldn’t be taken lightly if we want to prevent further slips and mishaps and the flake system helps with that. For extra measures, the flake system provides an impervious and seamless finish; preventing dirt, dust and bacteria built up. In other words, it is also very hygienic, making it easier to clean especially for commonly used areas in an establishment. Anywhere from the pantry to toilets to garages. A highly versatile flooring system.

Look Good, Feel Good


Its natural look gives designers and applicators the freedom and creativity to explore the different styles of Colorflake ML system has to offer. Choose from single tone color flake or multi-tone color flakes with an infinite amount of combinations to represent a brand identity, specific aesthetic or to infuse the environment with the desired vibe achieve complex designs such as logos or artwork. In doing so stand out beyond any commercial or industrial application at an affordable cost. Simply put, instead of using your valuable time cracking your head running the numbers, spend your time exploring what different colors can do to improve the mood of the room so you/your clients/colleagues/mailman can stay uplifted any time, any day. (It’s called Color Psychology.)

PS: It could help with nailing that presentation or getting that sales deal when your clients feel like they are in a calm(green) environment. It’s possible.

What Attack?


When applied together with the right sealer coat, it provides protection against abrasion, wear and chemical attack. It is also highly durable when it comes into contact with foot traffic and other demands of everyday use. The pattern and texture of the flakes helps to mask minor scratches and wear. It is especially popular for garages as you wouldn’t have to sacrifice functionality over aesthetic and can have a peace of mind even with the occasional spill of car oils when performing basic vehicle maintenance by yourself.

To recap, Colorflake ML is suitable for those who are looking to re-innovate any indoor area such as garage or restroom. Give yourself a chance to experience the amazing finishes of what polymer coatings have to offer instead of going with your everyday traditional tiles. Be different. Be unique. Be amazed.