Industrial Flooring

CEMKRETE “LEEDing” The Way in Thailand.

Everybody’s favorite Swedish furniture and home accessories purveyor, opened it’s second store located in Bang Yai, the western part of Nonthaburi. With over 50,000sqm, 41 showrooms and a parking lot that can accommodate nearly 2,000 vehicles, it is set to be the largest IKEA store in Southeast Asia.

Being the first retail store in Thailand to receive the LEED Green Building certification, it was essential that the flooring option reflected the brand’s objective and commitment in building the highest standards of sustainability. It was important to select a floor finish that had an extended lifetime from deterioration and could reduce maintenance cost of concrete floors that were constantly subjected to heavy foot traffic, scratches from moving furniture, trolleys and heavy furniture.

The self-servicing furniture area was coated with SL Formula, a water-soluble, environmentally friendly concrete chemical hardener, sealer and densifier in joint effort to sustaining a better future for people and the environment.

Reacting with the free lime in concrete, the hardened concrete improves flooring’s resistance to abrasion thus making it dust-proof and reduces water/oil penetration. Two coats of SL Formula in grey was then coated, achieving a mirror like finish after polishing and a high reflectivity (surface sheen), to create an overall clean and sophisticated homely ambiance reflecting IKEA’s brand. This non-yellowing, non-discoloring product makes it possible to maintain a decorative aesthetic for years to come.

Trolleys are kept in the far corner of IKEA, located directly where the escalators are. Below the trolleys is where Cemguard HB 500 was laid. The VOC compliant and extremely hard wearing coating makes it ideal for floors having to endure heavy wheeled equipment. Synthesized with its inorganic components, it also has properties to withstand stains or markings of any kind from wheel traffic.

Cemkrete’s expertise does not only extend to provide flooring solutions for commercial sector alone but also offers a comprehensive range of high performance, high quality flooring, jointing and repair products for both new and existing floor with various surface conditions. Get in touch for more details on Cemkrete’s product offerings as well as technical support and assistance.