Car Park

Basement Horrors

First impressions are usually made within the first 17 seconds and we all know a good lasting impression makes a whole lot of difference in memory and location recall. One of the most important aspects / part of any building is the car park. It’s the first area people would go to before stepping into the building. With that, architects are looking into going the extra mile in creating a car park that reflects the company’s brand.

Despite their seeming simplicity, the design of a car park on multiple levels – whether above ground or below – involves the consideration of a number of significant requirements and challenges.

Several challenges that contractors or applicators may face:
  • Ponding of water; cause by moisture from the ground or improper drainage system
  • Poor air ventilation; could potentially be harmful to people’s health due to hazardous gases produced by solvent based products. 
  • Extreme mechanical loads; daily heavy and shifting loads of moving vehicles
  • Chemical loads; caused by hydraulic fluid, oils, fuels and excess road grit
  • Slippery roads or ramps especially during rainy seasons

As such, a bare concrete slab may not be enough to withstand the potential damages. A proper coating must be applied to ensure the functionality and aesthetic aspect to improve the strength of the overall structure as well as prolonging the lifespan for years to come without frequent maintenance.

That said, Cemkrete has the ideal product to overcome such matters, Cemguard HB 500. A hybrid coating synthesized of organic and inorganic components to have fire resistance and extremely hard wearing properties, while also being water resistant and shock resistant. Making it the ideal to be used at sites when there’s also a need to factor in the ability to withstand substantial levels of traffic.

The continuous maintenance and disruption to car park operations, not to mention the cost of refurbishment could leave a huge hole in management’s pocket. One of its best features, is it’s ability to react well even if moisture is present due to its nano silicate bonding properties. Making it the only product to be able to apply on wet concrete while taking into consideration the humidity in various climates.

With it’s outstanding workability, not only is Cemguard HB 500 able to reduce curing time for rapid installation but with low VOC content, it is environmental and user friendly. The choice for coloured line markings are also made available thus improving the overall ambiance of the car park, leaving a great lasting impression the moment visitors drive into the establishment.

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