Industrial Flooring, Protective Coating

Bare-ing It All

Concrete. A construction material that is used extensively within the industry. It is the foundation of any building structure. Being a unique and versatile material made up of cement, aggregate and water, it can be precast or poured to form elements of virtually any shape or size, all at a relatively low cost. That said, everything has its limitations. Here are a few examples of why bare concrete alone could potentially lead you to spending extra:

1. Aesthetic

Let’s be honest, just bare concrete alone without a protective coating (at least) could end up a stained concrete floor. Moreover, unprotected concrete is not able to withstand corrosive substances, which will eventually eat into the coating and weaken the surface. With a proper coating, not only could it help to preserve the cleanliness, but the safety, appearance (from oil stains) and first impressions of the premise as well.

2. Deterioration

Uncoated concrete could be exposed to chemical & physical attacks. Not to mention if under extreme temperatures, it will likely cause the floor to freeze and expand, which will lead to cracks, damaging the entire integrity of the floor. Additionally, bare concrete floor is porous, therefore is sensitive to contaminant penetration. Moisture trapped in the pores of a bare concrete floor will cause bacteria growth and eventually turn into mold and mildew. Nevertheless there exists various suitable polymer coatings that could address the issues as mentioned, as well as coatings that have antimicrobial properties which plays a key role in contamination control.

3. Function

Specially engineered systems can provide benefits that actively enhance the facility both aesthetically and functionality. For example areas with sensitive electrical equipment. By installing an anti-static flooring, it can prevent harmful electrical charge build up from destroying sensitive components and dissipating the charge safely to ground. Without it, the risk to bear could be shocking (pun intended).

4. Safety

Slips and falls are a major concern in commercial and F&B manufacturing setting (or any premise for that matter). Bare concrete can quickly become slippery and unsafe, especially in areas subjected to wet service conditions or in rainy weather. Choosing a non-slip flooring solution that has a course textured surface can go a long way in minimizing the risk of falling, imagine the amount of claims cost you could be saving.

5. Dust

Bare concrete floors, when exposed to high traffic from forklift trucks, wheeled equipment, and foot traffic can lead to dust build up from floors. The result, constant cleaning/a risk to health from breathing in dust. With proper coating, expect easily cleaned and maintained surfaces for years to come. Having said that, a small spot test should be done before applying any new cleaning product to the cured coating. Cross-check with technical or sales representatives on the specific type of equipment or cleaning chemicals that is suited.

From a bigger picture, industrial coatings are more than just a cost. It’s what we walk on on a daily basis, it’s what minimizes the risk of falling/bacteria growth/electric current shocks/cracked floors etc., If anything, coatings are THE assets you never knew you needed. Helping you save on extra costs, hassle and lost time in the long run. Take the time and do the research to ensure that you’ve got the right coating. When in doubt, Cemkrete is here to guide you on the types of coating needed for your specific application.