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Spruce UP Your Office (Part 2)

Architects often reach for new, non-standard solutions – including resin floors. Little do people know, resin floors too come in an array of colors and functions. Everything you can imagine is possible, so give your office a change of bright and welcoming colors. Bear in mind that employees spend an estimate 90,000 hours, 1/3 of their life at work. The last thing you want is for your employees to come in to a place of work where they feel unmotivated, dull and dark. Read on for recommendations on what you could apply for designated areas of your office. Each room has a different function, so chances are one flooring material alone isn’t likely to work for your whole office.

Reception Area- Duraflor SL Multi-Tone

What is the message or tone you’d want your reception area to convey to visitors? Since the reception will often be the first real-world interaction with your brand, it’ll play a significant role in the overall image that’s created. As the name suggest, the finishing would create the effect of multi-dimensional tones and colour across the surface of the floor. Play around the idea of decorating the area with your company’s colors. Among other things to consider, the foot traffic from both employees and visitors, Duraflor SL MT (Multi-Tone) is not only decorative but durable to ensure that over time general wear and tear does not leave this space looking uninspiring.

Pantry- Duraflor SL Colorquartz

The kitchen space often becomes the socializing space for the company, it is also the space where spillages happen and where food is stored. Duraflor SL Colorquartz is a self smoothening epoxy has a taint-free formulation providing a hygienic finish and the ease of cleaning so that there isn’t an opportunity for bacteria growth. Hygiene is a must in any food preparation areas.

Conference/ Meeting Rooms – Terrazzo

Meeting rooms, a place where collaborative work and ideas form. An environment that stimulates creativity, concentration and well-being. With Terrazzo, there’s the flexibility of choosing the material aggregate and the endless potential of various colors and patterns. It makes the perfect flooring to achieve a desired ambience; provides design flexibility; hygienic and with ease of maintenance. By the way, because terrazzo is easy to clean and maintain, it offers great lifetime value.

Walkway – Aquarex EPH

Corporate spaces and condominium buildings are the doorway to your office. Not only do they need to be hard-wearing for light-medium foot-traffic but the floors should have a welcoming impression. Coat the floor with Aquarex EPH, our 6th generation hybrid epoxy. Designed as an economical, durable, easy to clean finish. Moreover, it has excellent workability for decorative purposes which requires design. ⁣Perfect opportunity to design the perfect aesthetic, showcasing your company brand identity.

Toilet- Colorflake ML

Tiles have been the go-to flooring option for many years. We would like to challenge the status-quo by introducing the go-to-no-hacking-system for existing tiles. Our Colorflake system is designed to coat over any existing tiles, waterproof, provide slip-resistance and a seamless, hygienic vibrant finish. In other words, this would also mean minimal downtime/noise/cleaning and dust/equipment needed. To add on, you would have a range of colors to choose from bringing the aesthetic to life. Our recommendation? Create contrast by using light and dark flakes for an multi-color attractive finish. The best part is, not only does this system cover the aesthetic part, it is cost-effective with practicality.

Carpark- Durapol 500

If you happen to have designated parking space in your office compound, stand out by portraying a pleasant and welcoming appearance while simultaneously provide the functionality to cope with increasing levels traffic whether it be walking or vehicle. For an exposed car park, the biggest challenge of all is the weather. With weather comes color fade and occasional cracking. Durapol 500 is a hardy material that has UV stability, protecting the floor from the damaging effects of sunlight and provides excellent resistance against oil and other abusive liquids often found in car park environments.

Whether you’re refurbishing an old office or new, choosing office flooring materials could be easier with a little guidance depending on room, function, design preferences and, of course, cost. If you ever need help, Cemkrete is just a phone call away. Happy Refurbishing!